Sealing & Coding machine (SPW)


To have THERMO-WELD joint on heat sealable pouches.


  • Makes THERMO-WELD joint by instantaneously cooling the sealed joint.
  • Maximum sealing length can be upto 2 mtr. on demand.
  • Machine can be designed as per requirement to accept pouch vertically or horizontally.
  • An impulse sealer, with separate sealing and cooling controls.
  • Devices to control sealing and cooling as per requirement.


The machine is made of high quality MS material and pneumatic parts are made of Nucon or Festo make.


  • Switch on the air, water and electric supply to the machine.
  • Place the pouch in such a manner that is between the jaws holding heating elements.
  • Manually operate the button on foot-switch fitted on the right side button of the machine.
  • The sequence of the sealing cycle starts as following:
    • Closing of rear jaw.
    • Sealing cycle starts.
    • The cooling cycle starts.
    • After cooling cycle is over, the rear jaw opens.

Sealing & Coding machine Image

Sealing & Coding Machine

Technical Specification

Sealing Length 200 mm (maximum upto 2 mtrs on demand)
Output 150 to 600 per hour (depending upon the pouch structure)
Power 220 Volts, AC, Single Phase, 1 KW (or depending upon the length of the heating element)
Machine size 750 mm x 375 mm x 1125 mm
Compressed Air 6 CFM/hour at 6 kg/cm²
Chilled Water Consumption = 50 litres per hour at 10-15°C in closed circuit
Coding System Coding by hot embossing on pouches. To mark price, month and year of filling or any other variable information.
Sealing/Capping System (Optional) Impulse sealing followed by chilled water cooling or capping system on pet bottles
Dimensions 110 X 110 X 150 cms