Dispensing machine for Liquids (SPL)

Standipack provides a compact type of sealed dispensing machine with locking systems for the filling of free flowing liquid products. All components in contact with the product are made from high quality stainless steel (SS 304), buffed finish. This model is compact and requires minimal service.


To dispense liquid from bulk quantity (from tank/200 litres barrel) to small quantities. This is a customer friendly dispensing machine ideal for retail sale outlets. It also serves as an advertising point.


  • Mineral water.
  • Kerosene Oil.
  • Lubricant Oil.
  • Any other free flowing liquid.


  • Enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Prevents spillage.
  • Saves manpower.
  • Ensures good quality by dispensing through close line.
  • Promotion of brand image.
  • Accurate dispensing quantity.
  • Pre-set for dispensing 0.5 litre and 1 litre from the same machine without the need for adjustment.

Standard Features

  • Ready to dispense two fixed quantities 500 ml and 1000 ml or any other as per user option.
  • Machine can be operated only with specially designed SS COIN supplied with machine.
  • Both the coins should not be interchanged.
  • Machine is designed to operate electro-magnetically.
  • For inflammable materials - FLAME PROOF MOTOR & TWO FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are provided.
  • Modular type electronic controls for easy replacements.
  • Compact machine and requires only minimum servicing.
  • For edible oils- provision for Nitrogen Flushing can be given.


  • The dispensing machine has an in-built tank from which the liquid is dispensed when the machine is in operation. This tank is fed from an outside source like a barrel containing liquid which is kept at the ground level or underground tank. The machine will suck oil from the barrel or underground tank through a gear pump. The level of liquid in the machine-tank is maintained automatically. The dosing cycle is controlled through timer fitted inside the machine panel.
  • We have made special type of coin, one for 500 ml and the other for 1000 ml, which is to be inserted into the machine for operation purpose. The coin is made of special type of SS material with special design. When the coin will be inserted into the coin hole of the machine, then the filling of the liquid will be automatically started coming out from SS dosing nozzle with the required setting volume of the liquid for 500 ml and 1000 ml respectively with separate operations. Inserting one coin will give one dosing of the required volume only. After filling the required quantity of the liquid, the machine will be automatically stopped.

Dispensing machine for Liquids Image

Dispensing Machine for Liquids

Technical Specification

Dispensing Range 500 and 1000 ml/Others optional
Output/Rate of dispensing 400 fills and 250 fills per hour/ Depends on Range of Fillings
Power 220 V AC Single Phase 50 cycles, 2 KW
Size 640 mm x 760 mm x 1600 mm
Compressed Air 10 m³/Hour at 6 kg/cm²
Chilled Water Consumption = 50 litres per hour at 10-15°C in closed circuit
Coding System Coding by hot embossing on pouches. To mark price, month & year of filling or any other variable information.
Sealing/Capping System Impulse sealing followed by chilled water cooling /capping system on pet bottles.
Dimensions 110 X 110 X 145 cms