Filling machine for Liquids (SPLP)

Standipack provides a highly compact and accurate machine for the filling of free flowing liquid products in small quantities. This model is compact and requires minimal service.


To fill small quantities between 5 ml to 60 ml with high accuracy.


  • Viscous products.
  • Laboratory filling.

General Features

  • A volumetric filling device.
  • Plastic capping system.
  • A height-adjustable bottle support chute.

Standard Features

  • Positive volumetric filling control.
  • Filling range 5 to 60 ml.
  • High fill accuracy.
  • Plastic capping system, if needed, can be attached to machine.
  • Modular type electronic controls for easy replacements.


SPLP machines are built to withstand difficult operating conditions. The complete machine is made of high quality stainless steel EN-304, is a compact table-top model. SPLP machine needs minimum servicing.

Filling of Viscous Products:

The machine is fitted with volumetric dosing pump. The dosing pump is fitted with a rotary valve system and an anti-dripping filling nozzle. The volume to be filled is adjusted by changing the pump stroke.

Filling Machine for Liquids Image

Filling Machine for Liquids

Technical Specification

Capacity 5 to 60 ml
Production rate 600 to 900 bottles per hour
Power Supply 220 V/110 V ±5% 250 Watt Single Phase AC 50 Hz
Compressed Air 5 cu. m. per hour @6 kg/cm² working pressure.
Capping System (Optional) Can provide plastic capping system on bottles as per cap size given
Dimensions 635 mm x 255 mm x 355 mm