Ballon Burst Machine (SPBT)

STANDIPACK has developed Balloon Burst Testing Machine.


The compact machine is designed for balloon testing of all types of pouches ranging from 20ml to 1000 ml.


The machine is made of high Quality Aluminium Material and its pneumatic parts are of NUCOON or PESTO make.


Complete machine is carefully Packed in the wooden box before dispatching.

Compressed Air Connection

Dry compressed air, up to 6 Kgs/Cm² from the compressor is to be connected to INLET of F.R. (Flow Regulator) for Air Pressure Control of the machine.


  • Place the pouch, in such a manner that Nozzle, fitted between the rubber lined jaws of the machine is interested in the pouch under test.
  • Switch on the air supply and manually operate the hand lever, fitted on the top right side of the machine.
  • During the operation dry compressed air is slowly injected into the pouch through the Nozzle.
  • Keep watching the pressure gauge.
  • At a certain pressure, the pouch will burst and the Red Marked Needle on pressure gauge will show the air pressure at which the pouch bursts.
  • This will be the maximum pressure limit the pouch it can withstand.

Ballon Burst Machine Image

Ballon Burst Machine

Problem Check Point
Machine does not operate. Check the Air Pressure.
Check the Pneumatic Cylinder.
Machine not working properly. Check Rubber in Jaws.
Set Air Pressure.
Check Pressure Gauge.
Check Pneumatic Limit Switch.